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First You Plz by Nisha B. Thakur

First You Plz  by Nisha B. Thakur

Book Name: First You Plz

Author Name: Nisha B. Thakur

Genre: Chick-lit, College Romance

Publisher: Power Publishers

My Rating: 2 stars

First You Plz is a tale of an immature girl, Avanti. It is a story of her struggle as she deals with worries of first love. Her journey from realization of the sweet feeling she experiences these days is called Love- her First Love. It is a tale of her secretly nurtured dream and her silent prayer that he will propose her in a very romantic way. It is a tale of her desire that she wants him to say those three magical words to her first.

Although he hasn't shown much interest in her.

Still in her heart she keeps on praying, first you plz… It is Avanti’s journey of ups and downs of her first love and how she exhibits immaturity as she deals with anxieties of her first love.

                                         MY REVIEW                     

**Received complimentary copy of the book from the author**

First you Plz is a short novella narrating the story of four friends- Avanti, Meenakshi, Rachana and Aakash. The four of them have moved to Matheran to study MBA.

On the very first day, upon reaching their hostel, Avanti’s gaze fell on Aakash and she immediately develops a crush for him and later falls in love.  The story then moves on to tell how Avanti with the help of Meenakshi and Rachana tries to woo Aakash and convey her love for him.

Although Avanti is an innocent charming girl, she’s portrayed to be very immature and naïve. Her feelings get hurt very easily and on the most inconsequential of things.

Aakash is shown as a matured man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to confront others if he thinks they are wrong. So when Avanti stops talking to him for apparently no reason at all, he doesn’t hesitate to confront her about it.

“Hi,” said Aakash and smiled.
“Hi,” replied Avanti.
“So how many more days to go?” asked Aakash.
Avanti looked at him in a puzzle.
“I didn’t get you?” asked Avanti.
“I am asking how many more days to you want to ignore me? I am asking you directly so that we can end the matter at once,” said Aakash.
“I don’t understand what you are talking about?” asked Avanti with a straight face.
“You talk less when I am around. I have noticed this. I don’t know your problem. So I am asking you directly how many more days to go so that I prepare myself that my friend Avanti Mallik is not going to talk to me for these numbers of days and then once you are happy we can resume our friendship. So now tell how many more days?” asked Aakash and then walked off angrily.

I am going to be honest about this book in my review. This book didn’t satisfy me. I expect for twists and turns in a book that can hold my interest. This book had a very straight and predictable story. The plot is really weak. I don't like how the story ended because when it ended I was like “That’s it! Where’s the rest of it??”
In addition to this, the book was very poorly edited and the grammar was horrible.

I don’t want anyone to use my review for any personal attack on the author. Whatever I have mentioned above is my personal opinion of the book and doesn’t convey any group feelings. I do think that Ms Thakur can do better than this. This book wasn’t a complete train-wreck. Once it book goes through some more editing and corrections, I feel it can garner much higher ratings.

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