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A Pretty Pill by Criss Copp

A Pretty Pill by Criss Copp

Book Name: A Pretty Pill

Author: Criss Copp

Genre/Tags: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary,
Mature content (New Adult): Recommended for readers 18+ due toexplicit sexual content, harsh language and adult themes.

Publisher: Self-Published

My Ratings: 5 stars

Jade Tayte is an athlete and party girl, living on campus at university and enjoying the carefree lifestyle that comes with being a 19 year old student, living away from home. Finishing up her second year of study, she gets a call that changes her life forever.

In a freak accident while driving along the New England Highway, on their way to collect her, Jade’s parents are killed and her brother Silas is left fighting for his life.

Jade is forced to consider her future, when it becomes apparent that her Grandparents do not intend to step in and take on the challenging behaviours that Silas manifests, when it becomes clear that he will survive.
At 19, and with no script to follow, Jade must take on a parenting role for her 12 year old brother.

Benjamin Reynolds is living the high life in LA, and he’s about to renegotiate his UFC contract, when suddenly he’s called home to Australia to care for his ailing mother who has been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Ben has been professionally fighting since he was 18, and it’s all he knows... so he finds himself instructing mixed-martial arts classes at his local Police Citizens Youth Club, three evenings a week; in between juggling his mother’s medications, her chemotherapy and her doctor’s appointments.
Here he is introduced to a talented hopeful, Silas Tayte, who at 17 years old has more potential than anyone else he’s ever trained. Problem is, Silas has issues... he’s bi-polar, and he struggles with controlling his illness.

Ben is determined to help Silas to become a champion in his own right, so he begins to embed himself in the talented young man’s life... which brings with it another challenge... Jade Tayte!

                 My Review                           

I totally loved this book. It had me hooked right from the star to the very end.
The story was heart breaking, devastating, crude and crass, wittingly funny (I laughed out loud after reading this..some parts were so funny), so frustrating at times and yet so beautiful, heart wrenchingly beautiful.

Jade Tayte. Jade is your typical 19 year old university student for whom life is one big party and she is the show stopper. Commitment and settling down is so far down her list that it’s practically non-existent. But then, BOOM! One phone call and everything she ever dreamed of went down the shithole. In a freak accident, she lost both her parents and her brother Silas is left fighting for his life. When both her grandparents shun themselves from taking care of Silas, the responsibility comes down to Jade for taking on the parenting role for a 12 year old bipolar kid.

Now as she makes Silas her whole life, she gives up everything in the process. Her carefree attitude takes a hike and she struggles to support herself and her brother on the meagre income she earns working in a bar. These were the hardest parts to read. They were heart breaking and I have to say Criss has done a wonderful job in jotting down Silas and Jade’s struggle and pain.

“I'm getting better at pretending in the daylight, around everyone else. I hold it together pretty well, but at night when the darkness surrounds me, when I'm in bed and the gravity of the situation is closing in and engulfing me like black tar, sucking oxygen out of my body and leaving me gasping for breath, I struggle.”

“Silas' pain in my pain….
My pain is my pain….
All loss is my loss….
I don't begin or end. I'm a desolate husk of a fractured being that has no idea how to heal, because nobody wants to save me. Not even Silas, because he's struggling too much with the demons that desperately cling to his soul. And because I define myself within his struggle to be free of them. I am a slave to the drama; a slave to the feeling of helplessness that engulfs me every time Silas struggles to keep his feet walking one step at a time. I wanted so much to be my own person, free an unencumbered, it will never be like that again. I hate that Jade now, she's an accomplishment I'll never know, she left me behind in this chaos, I hate her, I hate me.”

Enters Benjamin Reynolds.

Benjamin Reynolds. Ben is a UFC star in the US. When he gets to know of his mother’s terminal illness, he leaves everything behind that comes to Australia to be with his ailing mother. When he decides to join a gym, he didn’t know his life is about to be forever changed. He enters bumps Jade in the shoulder and when he gets a good look at her, he’s instantly attracted to her. Even though she is not normally his type he is drawn to her. Never once to back down from a challenge, he makes it his mission to woo Jade and date her. Since Jade is not at all interested in him, the banter (full of sexual innuendoes)  between the two as they verbally war with each other is totally amusing. These were my favourite parts in the book.

“We’ll I’ve gotta tell ya... you’re fucking losing your touch... because I seriously can’t stomach the idea of your cock getting anywhere near me!” I reply.
“You haven’t even seen my cock... how do you know if you want it near you or not?” he laughs.
That almost has me laughing... seriously... but I can hold back the laugh and compose myself... barely. I channel my inner bitch...
“Send me a picture... I’ll put it with all the other cocks I collect!” I growl.
That nearly has him falling off the treadmill, but he regains his stride.

"You are a delusional, self congratulating, chauvinistic, loudmouth louse of a dickhead donkey fucker." she snarls, and then continues, "If your dick gets anywhere near my vagina, you're going to need a surgical team to reattach it."

“What is your problem?” she asks.
“You... you’re my problem!” I bite... I put more vehemence in that short sentence than I had intended... and now suddenly I’m even more pissed off. I’ve been making it obvious that I’m interested, and she’s been rude! Which has made me behave rudely!
“How am I your problem, fuckface?” she growls.
“Fuckface? Is that an invitation to fuck my face, or have me fuck yours?” I return heatedly.
“How do you make insults into seventies porn come-ons? You’re a freak show of twisted innuendo!” she reasons angrily.

Finally Ben manages to enter Jade and Silas' life completely and manages to make them a part of his family fully. The way they tried to live everyday life and stood strong for each other in the event of Ben's mom's death was beautiful. Jade was so supportive of him and how she became Sabrina's daughter was so amazing. It really brought tears to my eyes just as they came in Ben's

“My mum claims her in that moment, and my heart feels so much pain that I can't understand how something so beautiful can hurt so much. “

“I can't help the tears as they form in my eyes, I can't help the sting in my throat as the pain transcends the confines of my heart and travels up to burn through my oesophagus; I can't prevent the gulping bubble of wrenching pain that erupts from my lungs. I can only place my hand over my mouth and 'will it' that nobody can hear me. “
And last but not the least, the sex between the two of them was so hot. Oh my god! I really needed to fan myself through it.

"Look at me." I growl gutturally. My hips and thrusting is rocking us, rocking the bed, bouncing her head on the pillow beneath it.
She looks up at me with those beautiful green eyes, and I can see the universe hidden in their depths as our eyes lock, and she pleadingly says, "oh, Fuck me."
I feel like I'm crawling inside of her, completely and utterly. The claim she has on me is complete, I can't imagine doing this again with anyone that isn't her.
"That Sir, is cataclysmic and thank you for calling me God. Your meal will be served when you can breathe again." I say to Ben who has flopped on the bed after coming in my mouth and deciding standing is not what he can currently manage.
"Meal?" he asks groggily.
"My pussy waits to be devoured." I explain.

"So good, just so good Ben, I feel like I should tear your head off and eat you like a Prey mantis." Jade Puffs.
"Excuse me?" I ask confusedly.
"Female Prey mantises eat their male counterpart after hot sex." She explains.

But it wasn't just the sex. The way they both had lost themselves inside each other body and soul was so beautiful. It makes you go to sleep dreaming about that perfect guy you always wanted. *sighs*

Consuming and desperate need is burning a pathway through me, pooling in my pelvis; and I need him to crawl inside my body... entirely inside, like he could be buried within me. My sexual denial is just ludicrous... this man has me body and soul right here... right now... and there’s simply no denying the attraction any more. I’m seriously feeling destroyed... blown apart... like stardust in a distant sky... floating and inconsistent! 

If this was the perfect moment, I’d have washed my hands...
If this moment was perfect... I wouldn’t be standing in my garage looking like I’ve just ridden through the seven gates of hell.
If moments for finally cutting the crap came around with perfect timing; we’d all be perpetually showered, have a stylist on hand to make sure we looked our best and have just realised what was about to occur so we could smell good.
This was nothing like that... it wasn’t anywhere near perfect... but it was right!

Criss Copp has written a perfect book with perfect storyline, a consistent plot and amazing characters. That was the best part of all. The characterization was amazing. You can connect with every single one of them like they are a part of your life.
Too. Good
Must. Read. For. Everyone.

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