Welcome readers!!

I am Sonali. I'm a college student living in India . I am majoring in Computers. I know, I know I'm probably the only book blogger who has no interest in becoming a writer or a publisher or got anything to do with literature. Right???
Wrong! I am a big book junkie and my biggest passion is to read as many books as I can get and convince others to read them too. A good book is my drug and I am proud to say I am totally addicted to them. (Not even a threat of life can get me rehabilitated any time soon!). 

I spend my days and nights reading books, getting lost in its world that I almost everytime lose track of the real world. You all can't even imagine how much shit I get from my parents and friends for completely neglecting them for the sake of my fictional characters (If only they knew!)

You must be thinking what the hell am I doing in the blogging community. Well after spending months checking out other's young adult book blogs, I thought, damn girl its high time you create your own!

I like reading Young Adult and New adult Romance. Although paranormal romance is my favorite genre, I also like to read books with contemporary settings with a crazy in love male lead. There is something totally amazing about intense passionate romances that make you go live in the dreamland.

Well, you are not the first one. I have been accused of being a dreamer more times than I would like to count. But if you are here, reading my blog, then I can call you the same!

So, here in my blog I would be reviewing books, interviewing authors and participating in blog tours.

If you would like to know more about me and the books I am reading, you can visit me on my Goodreads page.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave a comment or email me at jain92sonali@yahoo.com

Happy Reading!


  1. Hey Sonali.. your blog looks cool.. You have one follower who constantly follows your blog.. Yes I'm following you.. Way to go girl.. :)
    I'm a new blogger.. I 'll leave my link. Drop by anytime.. http://inisravishingreads.blogspot.com

  2. Hi... visiting blogs nominated for the liebster award so I can share the love! I am following your blog via GFC... great looking blog!