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a Professional Bitch (Cathouse #3) by M.J. Kadish

Book Name: A Professional Bitch(Cathouse #3)

Author: M.J. Kadish

Genre/Tags: Thriller, Erotica

Publisher: Self-Published

My Rating:

Sabrina Scott, Blaire's chief rival, is alive - and she's out for revenge. She's resurrected the terror network Al Jabbar, and is racing to get her hands on a nuclear weapon to be used in an attack on the United States. Even worse, the mysterious terrorist mastermind, Shahryar, is anticipating the CIA's every move, and helping to protect Sabrina so she can bring about her dastardly plan.

As the CIA is dealing with this threat, Blaire has been put on the sidelines, asked to help train a new generation of DIVAs - deep cover agents trained in the art of seduction and sexual manipulation. Project Cathouse has been restarted, this time in Las Vegas. But Blaire is now the teacher, not the student.

Her task is to mentor five of the new male recruits, each one presenting their own unique challenge - especially the mysterious Hunter Black. But beyond that, she's now a role model for the new female DIVAs, and the ambitious Katya Jones is out to prove she's better than Blaire ever was. The warning signs are there, and now Blaire needs to prevent Katya from turning into another Sabrina, and help keep Hunter from becoming another duplicitous Drummond Scott - the man who betrayed Blaire and tried to kill her.

But her training efforts are quickly sidelined when Diego Escarra, a deadly enforcer for the Colombian drug cartels, arrives in town with information not only about Sabrina's impending attack, but possibly the identity of Shahryar himself. But Diego also brings with him an even bigger threat - one which could destroy everyone in the Cathouse if it's not exposed. And the only one who can get close enough to stop him is Blaire - that is, if Sabrina and Drummond don't kill her first.

The danger has never been greater. The stakes have never been higher. This time, saving the world is going to take more than a Hooker Spy... 

It's going to require a Professional Bitch.

Book 3 of the Cathouse Series is a shocking, entertaining, and sexually-fueled spy thriller unlike any readers have ever before experienced. Discover the twists that occur after the events of A Hooker Spy, and what it really means to be a Professional Bitch.

In this third instalment of the cathouse series, we see Blaire going back to the cathouse to train a new batch of DIVAs, this time in Las Vegas. It’s super-hot and all the spy stuff is just off the roof.

Blaire is the new instructor in the new Cathouse along with Rae and almost all of the gang from the original cathouse. This book had so much going for it in terms of plot and sex quotient. When it comes to sexiness, I think the five new baby DIVAs Blaire gets to mentor takes the cake. She falls in love with all of them as part of their training. Introducing five new characters, making them different and unique from each other, and carrying on individual romances with the same heroine… THAT was AWESOME. Each character special and different, and had him his own arc and romance with Blaire. Each mentee embodies a stereotypical romance novel character.  You have the “sexy cowboy,” you have the “rough and tumble bad boy,” you have the “witty prankster,” the “sensitive and soulful artist,” and then of course you have the “ridiculously sexy rich guy with control issues and a dark secret.”  So there is literally something for every female reader in this book. 

This book has probably single-handedly given every woman who reads this book a FUPA (“Fat Upper Pelvis Area)complex!  I liked the idea that these trainees could kinda get into Blaire’s head and make her self-conscious, because it was a good way to set up this notion that she had her work cut out for her.

Katya was an interesting character.  In my head, I was thinking “Sabrina 2.0” when she was introduced, and I really didn’t like her.  But then, as the book went on, she redeems herself and she becomes a really likable character. I was surprised I had such a strong reaction to her death.  I guess I didn’t realize how much I came to care about her as a character. The author shined a light on the characters that readers tended not to like and made them a bit more sympathetic.  The books have a theme that a woman is never really a bitch, she just doesn’t know any other way of expressing her .

In this book we see that Shahryar is dominating as the bad guy. The threat of this bad guy has become very real as Blaire loses the people closest to her because of his evil schemes. Book 1 had no real life-or-death stakes to it.  And though Shahryar was manipulating events in book 2, the real threat there came from Daddy Sayeed.  This was the book where Shahryar got real, and begin to illustrate the kind of destruction he is willing to unleash. And when we reach the end, and it is revealed who this shahryar person really is I WAS OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND. I mean I was already having intutions that it was going to be someone close to Blaire but HOLY SMOKES never ever in my wildest dreams I dreamt of THAT.

One of the things I really liked in this book is that we did get to see a different side of Sabrina and Drummond’s relationship.  I felt like I got answered a lot of questions I had about them and how they felt about Blaire. We saw Sabrina and Drummond’s journey as flashback chapters. After reading those I realised that what Blaire had with Drummond was never meant to last.  But what Drummond has with Sabrina is real, even if neither of them recognises it.  These characters are broken in some way, and they’re in pain, yet on some level, they make each other happy.  But they’re both so used to being scared, and angry, and miserable, they don’t know how to recognize that happiness.

I freaking love this series. It’s so different from anything I have ever read. To me, they’re more espionage tales.  Every character has a secret, or a motivation, that eventually is tied to life and death consequences.  To me, that’s more interesting than a simple love story.

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