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Rex Randall and the Jerico Secret by Vince Carter

Rex Randall and the Jerico Secret by Vince Carter

Book Name: Rex Randall and the Jerico Secret

Author: Vince Carter

Genre/Tags: suspense 

Publisher: Self-Published

My Rating:

Rex Randall is the world famous author, known for his Incognito series of books and movies. His main character, Jason Hendrix, has a loyal following around the world, eager to read about his next exploits. This is especially so, since it is widely known that his life is modeled on the real lifestyle of Rex.

It is an unusual lifestyle, only dreamed of by most. That’s because, in real life, Rex lives with five beautiful women in a polyamorous, non-monogamous relationship. It is also a luxurious lifestyle, fueled by the enormous wealth generated by all those books and movies. They want for nothing and enjoy the many pleasures of life. They work hard, play hard, and rest easy.

In his series of thriller books, Rex’s alter ego, Jason, is a chameleon-like investigator that assumes numerous identities to pursue his assignments. In order to give the stories an increased level of realism, Rex spends countless months, himself, thoroughly researching key elements of the story concept by accepting assignments in real life and donning various cover identities.

Then, with exacting detail, Rex would be able to convert his actual experiences into an exciting series of scenes for Jason in the novels. It is the distinguishing factor that gives his books that air of authenticity, no matter how unusual the premise.

In preparation for his next novel, Rex and his five female loves, engage in their reality based research by going undercover and posing as security consultants to the U.S. Secret Service. In the process, they discover the Jericho Secret. 

This secret, unknown even to the Secret Service, is so explosive that, if revealed to the world, could put the President of the United States in mortal jeopardy.

                                                         My Review                               

I have to thank author Vince Carter to providing me with a complimentary copy of his book Rex Randall and the Jericho Secret. The concept was very different than what normally I am used to reading. I have to say it was an absolute delight reviewing this book.   This book was a fast-paced, action packed and suspense laced thriller. The real life suspense novelist, Rex Randall, lives in a polyamorous relationship with five very attractive women who are experts in their respective fields. Rex as a novelist writes suspense thriller series with main hero as Jason, a private investigator who solves very impossible looking cases just like James Bond.

To gather the story material for his books, Rex and his team doubles as a private investigation firm researching key elements to give his books a touch of realism. One such assignment brings him in direct contact with the American Secret Service where they have to evaluate the proficiency of the secret services to protect the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and other high-ranking officials. Add in the mix the fanatic Jihadi groups with their secret agenda, and you are having a blast reading it.

There are hell lot of characters in this story. I had a hard time remembering each and every character and many times had to go back a few pages to remind myself of certain characters whenever a reference was made. Normally, I like my books to have fewer characters so that I could connect with them, which just wasn’t possible here. Although as I came towards the end, I had much easier time and by the end of it, totally fell for Rex and his five dolls.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good suspense thriller.

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