One Week Girlfriend- Epilogue

A new week, a new life


Dear Fable,
My worst enemy is behind me because of you.
And there’s still a lot left for me to explain.
Right now, all I can think about is you.
So many things in my life confuse me and…
Hurt me—except you.
Maybe we can be together again someday.
All I really want is you, but I can’t do this now.
Losing you will be the hardest thing I’ve dealt with yet.
Loving you might be a mistake. Drawing you into my world will
Only hurt you. And I refuse to do that.
Will you ever forgive me?
I love you.

* * * *

My tears fall like raindrops on the letter Drew wrote me, smudging his hastily written words,

and I swipe angrily at my cheeks, wiping the tears away. I study the note, trying to make sense of it all. Why would he leave me? Why would he…

And then I slowly read the letter again. My heart’s racing as I skim the slightly jumbled

sentences he wrote just for me, the first letter of each one jumping out at me. I trace every first letter
with the tip of my index finger, saying them out loud.

My heart threatens to burst and I clutch the note to my chest. His secret message fills me with so much hope and love, I start to cry all over again. But these tears, they aren’t sad. Drew’s pushing me away, yet he wants me to rescue him. His letter proves that. But how can I if he won’t really let me?

Determination fills me as I carefully fold the piece of paper I found on my bedside table earlier. I open my top dresser drawer, sticking the letter beneath a folded pile of underwear before I slowly
hide it away.

Wiping at the corners of my eyes, I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I look different. Older, more mature. Less defiant, less…unhappy. Despite the fact that the man I’ve fallen desperately in love with has left me with a stupid, beautifully heartbreaking note and I’ve already cried enough tears to fill the kitchen sink, I am happy.

Because I know Andrew D. Callahan loves me.

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